Party Independence

The Plan to gain our independence from the two party system:

Our polling page's single purpose is to take away as many Congressional and Senate seats from the Democrats and Republicans.

We feel that our government will remain corrupt and inefficient as long as these two parties are in power. To break this corrupt cycle, we have created a plan to concentrate our votes, district by district.

Our website also eliminates the "campaign funding problems" that plague our politics. Because all voting takes place at this one website and we are spread via social networks, we do not need air time and other elaborate expenses.

This will work for a few reasons:

1) Independents out number the GOP and the Democrats.
2) Because it's a website, we are eliminating the need for campaign funding. This has hindered third party candidates in the past. 
3) The Occupy movement has united many of these Independents.
4) We are providing a plan to eliminate the "throwing away a vote" mentality.
5) Attacking individual districts is very possible if we get out and vote with the concentrated voting system.
6) Congress Approval rating is a mere 13%. 

This is a nonpartisan plan. Conservatives, liberals, moderates and third parties are all welcome to add their candidates. 

We are using a true Democracy to eliminate the Plutaocracy that's destroying our country. 

We would like to encourage other third party candidates to enter our poll.